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Setting up a business in Portugal

All school partners were aware that all of them could live and work in any EU country. That's why they provided a small guide on how to set up a business. Here is the Portuguese contribution.

Setting up a business in Estonia

HERE is a document what you should read before you want to start a business in Estonia. It has all the necessary information one needs to know.

Sille and Mihkel made also a video explaining how to create a business in Estonia. You can see it HERE.

Setting up a business in Germany

We put up 10 steps you should consider to open up a business on your own. Check a detailed description in a PPP here.

Setting up a business in Belgium

Here is a little film about how to set up a business in Belgium

Setting up a business in Poland

Entrepreneurship or business studies are professional subjects which are included in our school curriculum. A young guide who wants to earn a living as a professional guide needs to set up a small private business. That is why knowledge of rules related to starting up a small company in partner countries is very useful for the future career perspectives.


Click here to find out what are the first necessary steps to start a small enterprise in Poland:

Click here to download Workshops on self presentation, SWOT, tips for guiding.

Click here to download Ways of reducing stress

Click here to watch Best self-presentations